About Us

Our Approach

We’ve always been known to be at the forefront in our industry. Hoverboards and other electric transportation devices are the future of transit and sport. Spend some time and catch our passion for hoverboards.

Our Story

We developed this website to provide people with more knowledge about hoverboards. Helping customers fully understand the huge attraction that people hold for them. The market is expanding every year and we still run into people that don’t know anything about them. These are the people that we want to captivate with their design and function.

Where We Started

This Hoverboard Reviews website is operated by Super-Bee Truck Accessories Ltd, located in Wetaskiwin Alberta Canada. They retail and wholesale products online as well as having a brick and mortar, retail store for aftermarket auto accessories.

In 2015 the economy started to slow due to low oil prices and they went in search of new markets. Their customer base of construction and oil field workers had high unemployment and little spare cash. This also caused many commercial accounts with vehicle fleets to reduce their spending. With the slow down, Super-Bee chose to diversify and that’s when Brent found Hoverboards and Electric Scooters.

Upon noticing the market for Hoverboards and Scooters they began researching the different products. They checked out the pro’s and con’s of cheap hoverboards, as well as the issues the end consumer was having with the product. Brent came to the conclusion that – as with all manufactured products – there are reputable and not so reputable companies out there.

Since receiving that first container, Super-Bee has sold and shipped-out over 10 000 Hoverboards and truck loads full of accessories like Carry-bags and Hover Karts; Super-Bee has clearly become a leader in the Hoverboard market and Canada’s best source for Hoverboards and Electric Scooters.

What We Do

On a daily basis, our Inside Sales Reps field calls from people who bought a Hoverboard from one of the not so reputable companies and hence, this website was born. Brent decided to do everything he could to inform people before they bought a Hoverboard, so that they could make an informed purchase. Whether they chose to purchase a Hoverboard though us (https://brentscoolpicks.ca) or from another company, at least the information was out there for the consumer to do their research.

Not only do we sell Hoverboards, but we are also the service department for any warranty claims. Yes, that’s correct, they provide warranty repairs for our online competitors that purchase Hoverboards from the same manufacturer. They also warehouse products for our competitors that purchase Hoverboards from the same manufacturer as we do.

So if you’re in the neighborhood stop by. Come into our retail store located at 4812 – 49th Ave, Wetaskiwin Ab. Meet with Brent, share his enthusiasm for electronic mobility devices, meet our scooter tech, Les and check out our warehouse full of hoverboards and scooters; we have one that just right for you.

If you purchased a Hoverboard or companion product though us (on brentscoolpicks.ca) we would appreciate you leaving a review on this website. Thanks, and ride safely.