The Off Road Hoverboard designed for Canada

The first off road hoverboard with the 10″ tires that are filled with air, instead of solid rubber, were released in 2017. They have seen minor changes over the years, most noticeably to those doing a lot of research is that they now are using the newer control system that only uses 2 side boards and no centrally controlled motherboard. They also got a stronger aluminum frame a couple of years back to stand up to the off road trails that they were originally designed for.

If you’ve never ridden an Off Road Hoverboard then you owe it to yourself to give one a try. The air filled tires make the ride smoother than you can imagine and going over rocks, sticks and other road debris won’t slow you down. Try that with any other hoverboard and the first rock would jam a wheel to a stop and you would “dismount” in a very embarrassing way.

With the large amount of gravel roads and driveways in Canada it’s no wonder they are calling these hoverboards “The Hoverboard Designed for Canada”

Although these hoverboards are getting harder to find there are still a couple of Canadian sources for them. The first is BrentsCoolPick website and the second place we found them is on These sites seem to be related as the contact info is the same on both of them. A quick check says that they are both operated by Super-Bee Truck Accessories which has a very good online presence with high ratings and they have been in business for over 30 years.

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