How to Fix a Hoverboard

Do you have a hoverboard that isn’t working properly? Does your hoverboard shake? Do you have a hoverboard that won’t turn off? Do you have a hoverboard that won’t turn on?

Well we can help you.

Every year we get hundreds of emails and phone calls from hoverboard owners looking for help diagnosing a problem with their hoverboard. Sometimes we can help over the phone or by email but sometimes we need to take it apart to figure out what is wrong with it.

Here is a quick list to help you diagnose problems with your hoverboard


Hoverboard repair checklist
Will not turn on
Have you calibrated it?
Calibrate it
Does it charge?
See charger diagnosis below
Does it do anything when you press the power button?
Will it turn on if it’s plugged in?
Is the power button working
What is the battery voltage? Is the charge port OK?
My board won’t charge
Does the light n the charger turn green when you plug it into the wall?
Does the light turn red when plugged into the board?
Does the light turn green after the board is fully charged (2 to 3 hours)?
It makes a noise
Is the noise coming from a wheel?
Is there anything inside the wheel housing?
Is the noise coming from the center of the board?
It shakes
When I get off
Are you dismounting it quickly and stepping off the back?
When I am riding it
Does it shake with all riders or only some riders?
All riders
Are their feet all the way to the fenders while they are riding?
Do they weigh over 40 kgs (88 pounds)?
Only some riders
Are their feet all the way to the fenders while they are riding?
Do they weigh over 40 kgs (88 pounds)?
Other info required
If you hold one side and rotate the other side can you feel the stop pin?
Frame needs repair/replacement
OK, no problems
Trouble codes
1 loose cable or connection inside board.
2or 3 internal circuit error.
4 mainboard wheel is damaged (loose connection or side board)
5 battery side wheel is damaged (loose connection or side board)6
6 bad battery (check battery voltage and charger)
7or 8 one of the balancing circuits are bad.
9 hover board is upside down
Thebottom covers have to be removed to check all wires,connections ,battery voltage and charger.If there is nothing unpluged or disconnected it usualy a mainboard sideboard combo fix.for wheel problem if the wheel is not making noise it is the same fix.

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