The Top Ten Hoverboard Shops in Canada – Are They Worthy?

We were commissioned by Super-Bee Truck Accessories  to compile a list of the Top Ten Hoverboard Shops in Canada. But, the results might make you a bit nervous about buying a hoverboard online. There are many issues with finding a reputable online retailer, and this can make finding a quality online hoverboard shop a daunting prospect. But, there are a few shining stars. So, don’t give up hope of buying a quality hoverboard with good service online.

Background to our list

Over the past couple of years, the number of online stores from which you could buy a hoverboard in Canada has really grown. But, where you choose to shop can make the difference in getting bad customer service and a lemon of a hoverboard. There are a number of stores that offer excellent service with quality products, some that give very poor service and low-quality products, and some that just want your money and have no intention of ever shipping you the hoverboard that you ordered. This post is, therefore, intended to help you in the process of being extra vigilant in making the right choice.

Although this is not a complete list of all the online hoverboard stores in Canada, it is a good resource for checking out some of the more popular ones. We haven’t included mass merchandisers such as Amazon, BestBuy, Kijiji, and eBay as they are only vendors for other sellers and the ratings can vary widely depending on who actually ships the product to you. That being said, we can’t recommend any of the sellers on the mass merchandiser sites.

Our Hoverboard Website Review Process

As part of the website review process, there are several aspects that we looked at in determining sites that you can choose from to buy a hoverboard in Canada. Unfortunately, some of the top-ranked sites do come with issues. But, because they are ranked high in search, we’ve included them here but with the relevant details that you can use to critically assess them.

We’ve tried to answer the following questions that will help you determine if you should buy from them:

1. How easily can you contact them?
Customer service is a big part of any business. So, you need to know whether you can phone them if you have a problem or question. If you can’t phone them, or can’t you visit them or contact them in any way, what happens if you have a problem with your order?

2. Do they have a retail storefront that you can visit?
While not a necessity since we are looking at buying hoverboards online, it is good to know whether these sellers have a location that local customers can visit. This also is a big advantage to their customer service rating.

3. What is their average review rating?
We looked at several customer rating websites which are primarily based on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest rating. Anything below 3.5 means that they are either selling junk or their customer service is very poor.

4. How long have they been in business?
Being a startup doesn’t make you a bad company. But, being in business for a long time means that you take care of your customers and sell quality products. It also helps to confirm the business longevity so as to make customers more confident in their choice of hoverboard shop.

5. The company owner name.
This may not be as important unless you are comparing them to a company that has gone offline or out of business. Then, knowing the owner of the site makes sense if you want to avoid being caught in the backlash of a closed company.

So, now that you’ve seen our assessment criteria, here is the list of companies. You can jump ahead to the table on the top 10 hoverboard shops below that summarises these 5 assessment points. But, you’re going to want to come back to the discussion on each site as it gives more details not covered in the table.

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The Top 10 Hoverboard Sites in Canada?

Brents Cool Picks

This website is an offshoot of Super-Bee Truck Accessories, a company that has been in business for 25+ years. They import a lot of unique truck accessories from overseas so selling hoverboards seems to suit their business style.

Brent’s Cool Picks has a very good reputation with high trust and customer ratings. They also carry a variety of hoverboards.

Scamadviser Score: 100%
Facebook rating: 4.9 Stars
TrustPilot: 5 Stars
Google: 5 Stars


Screenshot of homepage -


Based on the details available online, GyroCopters is the same company as IM Gadgets. We reached this conclusion as the GyroCopter website is forwarded to the IM Gadgets website. There is no direct opportunity to buy from Gyrocopters.

There, however, is no owner information readily available online.

Scamadviser Score: 100%
Facebook rating: 3.9 Stars
Yelp: 1 Star
Yellow Pages: 5 stars



Looks to be a very safe place to buy a hoverboard based on the Scamadviser ratings and it seems to have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau. The only concern we have is the lack of customer ratings, but this could also be a good sign as disgruntled customers will be quick to make their feelings known.

Scamadviser Score: 90% – Down 10% from 2018
Facebook rating: 5 out of 5 with 15 reviews
Trustpilot: No Reveiws


Hoverboards Online

This is also the website of Super-Bee Truck Accessories, a Canadian-owned company that is a truck accessory supplier with a long history and good reputation. It had a very high trust rating online and considered a safe site to buy from. You can also sign up to their mailing list to receive discounts on items from their online store.

Scamadviser Score: 90%
Facebook rating: No Rating, not hidden though
Trustpilot: No reveiws


Screenshot of homepage of

King Power Boards

The site is hosted on Shopify which is a simple to use online website builder allowing virtually anybody to build a quality website.  Low number of complaints online. Check out their reviews for yourself before you a purchase.

Scamadviser Score: 100%
Facebook rating: Reviews hidden (not a good indicator of customer service)
Trustpilot: No Reviews
Yellow Pages: 2.5 stars


Update 2019-10-02 – We have recently received customer complaints of getting products that are defective and when contacting King Power Boards they were not able to get a reply to their concerns.

Screenshot - one of Canada's top 10 hoverboard websites

IM Gadgets

IM Gadgets appears to be an outlet for the GyroCopter brand of hoverboards and other electronics. The Gyrocopter website will forward to this site when you put in GyroCopter website.

Scamadviser Score: 88%
Facebook rating: 3.9 Stars
Yelp: 1 star
Yellow Pages: 5 Stars


Hoverboard Online

Update 2020-10-27 – This site now forwards to

This website appears to be safe with very few complaints. The reviews available are good and they have a relatively good Scamadvisor score.

The available ratings online are also good for Hoverboard Online.

Scamadviser Score: 90% (up 10% from 2018)
Facebook rating: No page found
Trustpilot: 4.5 stars, 1 reveiw 5 stars


Wow Hoverboard

Appears to be a legitimate store but there are some complaints. Most of the complaints appear to be the lack of customer service from the site.

Scamadviser Score: 10%, (down from 77% in 2018)
Facebook rating: No Rating
Trustpilot: No reveiws
Consumer Reviews: 1.6 Stars



Wheelster is a company that has a fair reputation. It looks to be privately owned and operated. Payments can only be made by PayPal which could pose a challenge for buying a hoverboard if you’re not a PayPal user.

Scamadviser Score: 76%, no change from 2018
Facebook rating: 1.0 star out of 5 (ouch)
TrustPilot: 4 Stars, 17 reveiws
Sitejabber: 4 Stars



Has been around for a couple of years but there seem to be a high amount of online complaints.

Scamadviser Score: 30%
Facebook rating:
TrustPilot: 2 stars
Sitejabber: 4 stars


Update 2019-10-02 – This website is not currently active.

Screenshot - Homepage of a top 10 hoverboard website

and the new additions for 2019

A new entry to the market with prices that seem too good to be true. The reviews back up the point that if it’s to good to be true it’s probably a scam, and that’s what the reviews are saying.

Scamadviser Score: 79%, no reviews
Facebook rating: Reviews are hidden, page is not active
TrustPilot: 1 review giving them 1 star out of 5
Sitejabber: 1 star


Note, They do not respond to emails and their phone number does not work when we tested it.

Summary of Top 10 Hoverboard Shops in Canada

Website Address

Website Age

Company Age Store Address Listed? Phone Number Listed


Scamadviser Score


Trustpilot Rating

Brents Cool Picks 2+ Years 25+ Years Yes Yes 100 4.9 Stars 5 Stars
GyroCopters 2+ Years Unknown Yes Yes 100 3.9 Stars No Reviews
SmartWheel 3+ Years 6+ years Yes Yes 100 0 Stars No Reviews
Hoverboards Online 2+ Years 25+ Years Yes Yes 95 0 Stars No Reviews
King Power Boards 2+ Years Unknown No Yes Website form only 100 0 Stars No Reviews
IM Gadgets 2+ Years Unknown Yes Yes 88 3.9 Stars No Reviews
Hoverboard Online This site now forwards to 2+ Years 4+ Years Yes Yes 80 0 Stars No Reviews
Wow Hoverboard 1+ Years Unknown Yes Yes 77 0 Stars No Reviews
Wheelster 14+ Years 2+ Years No Yes 76 0 Stars 4 Stars
Hoverhub 1+ Years 2+ Years No Yes 30 0 Stars 2 Stars

Buying online from mass retailers

As we noted, this post won’t be comparing major website retailers like Amazon, E-Bay, BestBuy or other mass retailers. These sites have built quality reputations for themselves, but they do not own the inventory. When you buy from a mass retailer, you are generally sure to get a product or else you can report it and get your money back. The downfall is that you don’t know who you are actually buying it from or their reputation. Also, a lot of sellers who use these retail sites to sell their hoverboards do not have detailed information about their stores.

We’ve had consumers tell us stories about orders placed on these mass retail websites and 2 months later they haven’t received the order. These orders were supposed to be gifts but were too late. So, while these mass retailers are an option, you need to exercise caution because the websites don’t own the inventory – the sellers listed on the sites do, or at least are responsible for completing the sale.

So, what should you do?
We’ve given you enough information to get started on assessing these hoverboard shops in Canada on your own. Now that you’ve gone through 10 of the most popular websites to buy hoverboards online, it’s time to go ahead and make your choice.


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