The Indestructible Hoverboard? Ride with the Hummer Hoverboard with All-Terrain Capabilities

Given what we know about hoverboards, can a hoverboard be considered virtually indestructible? With the new 2018 Hummer Hoverboard, it comes pretty close.

We’ve discussed hoverboards that can burst into flames or blow up. And some hoverboards aren’t suited for certain conditions. But what about a hoverboard that can handle indoors and outdoors? Smooth roads and all terrains? That’s the Hummer Hoverboard.

The All-Terrain Hoverboard

Want to go off-roading on a rugged self-balancing scooter built to handle most terrains and weather conditions?

The Hummer Hoverboard comes with some of the latest technologies to make this hoverboard as special as it is. This hummer off-road hoverboard comes with a strong frame made of aluminum and power that makes off-road capabilities seamless. That means you won’t have many problems riding in snow, sand, grass, or mud. It is built to handle all these conditions.


Hoverboard Seats with Steering Wheel

Front Wheel Drive Hoverboard Seats

The new Hoverkart 400 is a front wheel drive adapter for your hoverboard that allows you to drive and race it with a steering wheel.

Plus, the hummer hoverboard’s intuitive self-balancing systems lead to a better riding experience. And this makes it easier to learn how to ride a hoverboard – a few minutes and you are on your way to being a pro. You can also climb higher slopes at 32 degrees, an increase over traditional hoverboards that can only manage up to a lesser incline.

As a Halo style board, it can get up to a top speed of 9mph, and the battery can last up to 10 miles. And you only need 2.5hrs to fully charge it. It has LED lights and LED turn signals.

But these features are not only what makes this self-balancing scooter the top hoverboard for 2018.

The Best 2018 High-Tech Hoverboard? The Hummer Hoverboard Extra Features

For the ultimate capabilities and riding experience, this hoverboard also comes equipped with:

  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers for riders to listen to their favorite tunes as they traverse any terrain
  • Water resistance. This self-balancing scooter is rated IPX4 for water resistance.
  • Enhanced self-balancing technology that makes it easier for you to balance and stay on your personal self-balancing scooter

Order Your Hoverboard in Canada

It’s Not All Bells and Whistles

  • It’s Heavy

This hoverboard is heavy. It comes in at approximately 32lbs. That is almost 10lbs more than standard hoverboards weigh. But the good thing is that you can get a sturdy hoverboard carry bag that makes it easier to transport your board when necessary.

  • It’s Pricey

This board comes with somewhat of a heavy price tag. But think of it this way – you get what you pay for. The Hummer hoverboard has UL2271 certifications on the battery and electronics – so no worries about your board randomly exploding.

The off-road capabilities of this board are far superior to regular self-balancing scooters. And you cannot get all these additional features in a similar quality board at a lower price tag.


Shop Hummer Hoverboards for Off Road Fun

The Hummer Hoverboard is a Hot Seller! One of the most popular Hoverboard models in Canada is this Halo Rover style Hummer Hoverboard and its wide wheels make it a winner on rough terrain and soft surfaces.

What Do You Think of the Hummer Hoverboard?

You can see the reason why the Hummer Hoverboard is amongst our 2018 bestselling hoverboards in Canada. What do you think of the hummer hoverboard? Does it deserve all the hype? Tell us in the comments below.

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